Saturday, March 9, 2013

Baked Sunday Mornings: Malted Milk Sandwich Cookies

Hubby, Son #2, and I have a class to attend later tonight and the teacher, my friend, has a birthday early next week.  I want to take a little treat to share with the class and to bring my Happy Birthday Wishes.

I wanted something that felt like springtime, something with a little color and great flavor.

With 1 change that made a huge difference, I used today’s recipe as written.  Also, instead of the 2" cutter  and I used a smaller 1" round cutter.  The cookies grew a little during the baking process to about 1 ½” diameter.    1 or 2 bite size will be easier for the class.

My minor change that made a huge difference was to add the zest of 2 freshly picked Valencia oranges for the cookie dough and I also used their freshly squeezed juice and more zest for the filling (along with the other written flavorings).  Fresh orange was the pronounced flavor for this cookie and it was wonderful.  (Smaller size baked for 7 minutes.)  (I made 80 of these smaller sandwich cookies.)

This cookie baking project became my big time out for the day.  I’m on schedule to finish all our business taxes by the end of next week.  I try to take a good break doing something fun each day, and today  I looked forward to the Malted Milk Sandwich Cookies.   I’m working from home, so when I reached a good stopping point, I went downstairs, put on a chick flick, and started baking.  By the time the movie ended all my cookies were baked and filled and I’d cleaned up my mess.  Not bad for rolled out cookies that are filled and sandwiched...sometimes I pass over this type of cookie thinking it will take too much time, but they finished quickly.

When my first batch was baking, #2 Son who was home doing school projects, came in and sat at the kitchen table to work.  He couldn’t resist the cookies baking in the background of his work.  He told me earlier that he is enjoying baked goods lots more since he moved back home.  He attributes his new likes to all the baking aromas in the house that get him hungry for foods that have not interested him in the past several years.  Well, of course, most store-bought bakery items are not close to my freshly baked goodies that are filled with lots of love! I honestly don't eat store bought baked goods either.

“Hope ya don’t mind, Mom, but I keep snitching cookies every time I walk into the kitchen.  They’re really good.  Kinda like Vanilla Wafers but way better.” (I would have had more than 80 sandwiches.)

“Well, son, they will be much better when they are filled.”

And then, later, after filling and sandwiching the cookies:

“MMMMM    MMMMM!  I could eat a hundred of these.  This is a recipe for a belly ache!”

That all made me feel really good.  If fussy #2 likes them, for sure our class mates will too!

And, yes, they did.  A few classmates phoned me later and wanted the recipe.  I asked for a critique.  They all replied that they loved the cookies just the way they were.  Great texture and super flavor.  And, they are quite pretty too.

So, I’m glad I added all the orange zest and juice.  They really are a good cookie that I will bake for sure again soon.

Loved my baking break today and loved even more sharing a successful new recipe with my friends.  Hope you all had fun with this recipe too!


  1. Wow, I'll bet the addition of orange took these right over the top! We really liked these!

    I really hope you'll be able to come to Seattle!

  2. The addition of the orange sounds perfect! We loved these cookies and will give the orange a try next time!

  3. Kris, every time I see your "Baked" posts I think that I should finally order that wonderful book from amazon - these Malted Milk cookies with your adjustments of adding orange zest and juice to the filling sound and look so utterly delicious and I really enjoyed reading your story about your son and your friends who adored these cookies so much - nothing more wonderful than seeing friends and family enjoy the things we bake (and cook) for them - I really enjoy your "Sunday Baked" posts - keep up the wonderful "work" and have a great Sunday!

  4. Sounds like spring in a cookie for sure! I could use one now... It's snowing! :/

  5. Yes! Orange would be a great flavour addition to these cookies. Great idea! I might just make these again after all. Of course I was also thinking these would probably make good ice cream sandwiches too. Hmmm. :)

  6. Love, love your addition of orange! I left the rum out of the filling and didn't think of trying another flavor. So smart!

  7. Now that is a unique combination!!!

  8. The orange flavor sounds lovely! I'm not surprised that it went over so well. And I love the tiny size! I bet they were like little French macarons. :)