Thursday, March 14, 2013

French Fridays with Dorie: Orange-Scented Lentil Soup

Friday Evening a week ago :  I admit that it was hard to get excited about lentil soup.  It was 80^ today and will be in the mid 80's all weekend.  Honey is having her 3 year old birthday and I'm excited that her family party will be here, at our house.  I have kid food and fun on the brain, and a healthy soup has a hard time squeezing into my plan.  

But...surprise...this is a hit.  Hubby usually starves on Fridays, then gets up early Saturday mornings, attends Weight Watchers where he loves his weigh-in proving that he has kept off the 50 pounds he lost 6 years ago, and after his weigh in, he eats junk all weekend.  By Monday he is on track with healthy eating, and as the week wears on his food consumption decreases so that when Friday arrives, he's practically in fasting mode.  It works for him.  I'm glad he is in great shape and healthy.  

Dorie's lentil soup was exactly what struck him as good Friday evening food.  He commented that it is delicious and that it is Weight Watchers approved.  I suppose I should feel honored.

I confess that I also enjoyed a bowl of Dorie's soup, feeling like it was a healthy way to begin what I'm sure will become a sugary junk food weekend.  I enjoyed the hint of orange from the peel of my Mandarin orange, and I also thought the addition of a little ginger and clove was a lovely touch.  I am really not in the mood for a pureed I didn't.   I did as Dorie suggested and added a dollop of tangy yogurt as a garnish along with thin strips of Parmesan cheese and freshly picked parsley.   I served this soup with a sweetbread which complimented the unusual spice flavors and also the sweet orange peel.

Hope you  all enjoy your green weekend with a lively dose of St. Paddy's Day which, to our family, truly celebrates the beginning of Spring.  So, Happy Spring!


  1. This was a surprise hit with my fussy eater - whew.

    Your version kind of makes me wish I had left some or all of mine unpureed.

    And...aren't just aggravating that way. Itseems like they just have to decide they are going to lose weight and it just happens. So unfair :-)

  2. Definitely not a kid soup, but it seems to have been accepted by most households. I like that you didn´t puree it, it so much better that way!

  3. Kris, what a lovely bowl of lentil soup and I agree entirely with you, puréeing a soup like this is not really the way to go, it looks more appetizing if left chunky - so nice to read that your husband and you enjoyed this hearty soup. Now, I am curious as to the delicious treats you will be making for the birthday party, maybe you will post some pictures...I would love to see some.
    Have a great party and a wonderful fun-filled weekend!

  4. Very funny about the timing of the soup... I hate to hear what he ate the rest of the weekend. Glad you enjoyed it. PS: yes the only thing around here that is 80 degrees is my soup.

  5. I always think of it as an extra bonus when the tasty recipes turn out to be healthy too. This is certainly not a recipe to pull out when you want to wow visitors. But for a weeknight dinner that my husband and I can feel good about, it's perfect.

    And I smiled at the description of your husband's diet method. But then I thought that it actually sounds perfect. He can eat what he wants on the weekend and diet during the week.

  6. This was surprisingly good! I'm so proud of your husband - that is a true accomplishment! Losing weight is one thing - keeping it off, quite another. Your soup looks more appetizing than my pureed version.

    I hope you have a fun-filled weekend!

  7. My husband also enjoyed this soup! It was a perfect meal for Lent, and a perfect meal for those who are dieting! My husband just started South Beach last week! I think this soup looks so much better without being pureed.

    Happy Birthday to your little Honey!! Hope she has a fabulous 3rd birthday! Have a wonderful weekend, Kris!!

  8. This was a tasty soup. I am glad you and your husband enjoyed it.

  9. Hooray for two pairs of thumbs up! Love your chunky version. And I had to giggle at your hubby's Friday, then weekend routine!

  10. Can't imagine eating this in that heat. How wonderful that this fit into your husband's diet and that he enjoyed it. Happy Birthday to your little Honey!

  11. I remember how fun having a 3 year old around can be - congrats on her birthday and her family celebrating it at your house! I also enjoyed the reality of your hubby's diet regime.Nana and I did Weight Watchers years ago and enjoyed it (we also just enjoy spending time together so anything social is fun) but also enjoyed going out to eat after each weigh in :) Nice to have a healthy recipe this week and your version looks wonderful ~