Saturday, January 12, 2013

Baked Sunday Mornings: Bananas Foster Fritters

I almost did not get this one done.  Two reasons:  1.  Year end paperwork...just finished quarterly taxes, W-2s and 1099's, etc. and getting ready for "tax season."  It is a crazy time of year!         2.  This week's record breaking freeze.  Bad for Arizona!

I won't elaborate on just takes lots of time and mind power.  Mind power to stay focused and to get it done...not that it's terribly hard.

#2 has taken us by surprise.  It has never been this cold and for this many days in the more than 25 years we've lived in Gilbert, AZ.  This morning at 10 am it was still below freezing...and when I woke up it was only 24^.  Tonight will also be very cold as it will be for the balance of the week.  (I know, most of you are living in real winter, but, believe me, this is bad for AZ.)

We have lots of citrus in our back yard, and this is the time of year we grow our vege gardens.  Our lawns are the prettiest, and many lovely flowers are in bloom.  My roses are incredible.  I spent all last night watering citrus trees to keep them from freezing and Hubby was out all night burning fires under the trees...and we are in a "no burn" week due to bad air I've been anticipating a knock on the door presenting us with a fine.  I built big tents and spent lots of $$ to cover my gardens and I've done everything I know how to do to save our plants and trees.  All day, the weatherman said it will get to 19^ tonight...a temp that calls for giving up, but it was adjusted later to 24^.  Bad, but not as bad.  Because of these temps, the country will pay higher prices for lettuce, etc...AZ is a huge winter lettuce producer among other crops.  (I had fresh herbs growing on a window sill. ...inside the house.  I closed the curtains, leaving the herbs in a space next to the window and shut off from warmth...they froze...dead...done.  That has not happened to me since we lived in Upstate NY.)

And, I always fry outdoors.  Always!  I have a nice area set up where, with a gas burner, I can heat up a pot of oil in less than 2 minutes.  And the mess does not's outside and away from things.  We make French fries, fried chicken, do-nuts, etc. often...but always outside.  But it is too dagnabit cold!

So, I decided I would forget the fritters, and get back into the groove next week.

But after working all day, Hubby and Son #2 made their usual Saturday night run to Trader Joe's and Walmart...for junk food.  They purchased lots of chips and ice cream and decided to skip their usual dozen do-nuts thinking about the lovely fresh orange juice muffins I had made earlier...they would eat muffins instead.  I had glazed the tops with an OJ glaze...they were kinda like do-nuts. But they were disappointed to find, upon returning home, that all the muffins were had appeared a little earlier in the day and had devoured every one.  All gone.  And now, no do-nuts.

But never fear, more junk food was on the way.  Even though it was 9:30 pm, I would do it...I would fry the fritters and I would fry them in the house.  Sacrifice?  No!  They were quick and YUM! and actually very little mess.

I had made thick, buttery, caramely buttermilk syrup earlier and had leftovers.  I used my syrup instead of the rum dipping sauce.  It only took 5 minutes to make the banana fritter batter.  (All mixed by hand, no electric equipment needed.)  My oil heated to 375^ while mixing the fritters.  Quick!  Easy!

Then, just as I was about to plop the first scoop of dough into the frier, in walked my Frolicking Night Owl daughter and her Hubby...came to borrow a movie.  Perfect.  There were just the right amount of fritters for us all.  (I used 4 large bananas and poured in a little fresh OJ...batter was too dry...the bananas seemed a little dry even though quite ripe)  It took less than 5 minutes to fry them the whole process only took about 10 minutes.

A fun Saturday night treat!  I'm sure we'll make these again.  I'm always looking for ways to use up very ripe bananas...and this one is a keeper.  

Hope you all are staying warm!


  1. You're lucky to have people to share these with - or, maybe they were the lucky ones! It would be so easy to overdo it with these because they're so light. But, can you imagine this sauce on Banana Pancakes?

    I'm sorry to hear about your freezing weather. I've been complaining about the cold here, but it's not nearly that bad. We're just not used to it. I know how much you love your garden and how much you use everything you grow. I hope the weather changes soon.

  2. I'm sorry about the weather. :(

    Glad you had a crowd to share your fritters with--they look delicious!

  3. Oh, I hope that your trees and gardens make it through the winter! You are so sweet to make your family such a wonderful late night snack -- these look delicious!

  4. Super fun to fry these up for a crowd! Yours look wonderful.

    We're having lots of freezing here in the SF Bay Area. I have one old, old lemon tree that withstands the cold year after year, but I've been fretting about my young Meyer lemon tree! Lots of water and it's small enough to cover. Hope your garden makes it through the cold unscathed!

  5. 1) so jealous of your weather, despite the cold you guys are having. i want a beautiful lawn and flowers! there's two feet of snow on my lawn right now...
    2) jealous of citrus trees, and the building of fires to keep them from freezing is making me want to watch that beautiful keanu reeves movie...
    3) jealous of your outdoor frying station... hate the smell in the house, but if i had an outdoor station, then i would want to fry stuff all the time, and that can't happen.
    4)jealous of your fritters! they turned out great!

  6. LOL! I am jealous of everything that Bourbonnatrix is too! Your fritters looks really good!

  7. What a big batch of great looking fritters!! Must be great to be able to fry outside regularly. I think I wouldn't mind it so much. But working in the garage this weekend wasn't bad.
    Sorry to hear about the weather. It has been strange here too....we're above zero when it normally isn't.

  8. I'm jealous of your outdoor frying station too! Here in Kentucky we are far warmer than normal - almost 70 degrees on Saturday. My husband and I ate a slice of pizza outside on Friday night. Unheard of in January!

    Your fritters look great!

  9. Krissy, your Fried Foster Fritters look delicious, like pure comfort food. I would love to try that recipe and serve it to the kids! So sorry to hear about the freezing temperatures that you are having and all the damage that it is causing to your wonderful plants. Hopefully the temperatures will rise soon.
    Stay warm!