Saturday, January 26, 2013

Basked Sunday Mornings: Sunday Night Cake


January is a strange weather month.  A week ago we had record breaking freezing temps for a week, then we enjoyed record breaking warm, sunny days...85^ here in Gilbert, AZ.  Beautiful!  Now it is raining and will continue to rain for a couple of days  Although rain is always celebrated in the desert, the past two days have been very dreary especially after Mother Nature teased us with such beautiful weather for a few, it's a good indoor baking day.  

It's Saturday afternoon.  Hubby and No. 2 Son keep asking what kind of cake I am baking.  I keep telling them  that it is a Sunday Night Cake.  They are worried that I plan to make them wait until Sunday night before they can dig in. 

The kiddies are on their way over to eat their cakes.  They love it when I make them each their own.  And since we are chocolaholics they'll love their cakes dripping with this pudding-like chocolate frosting.

For today, I doubled the recipe, made a large heart-shaped cake and 3 individual cakes for those little people coming to share.  The best part is the frosting!  I made enough to pour more on each sliced piece.  I'll be interested to see how the leftovers hold up overnight...too big for my stuffed fridge.  I don't know that the frosting would be a good idea in the hot AZ summers...this is the perfect time of year for this treat.

Hubby enjoyed the cinnamon spice in the cake  as well as the rich chocolate frosting.  I baked the cake as directed by the Baked boys with the generous addition of vanilla extract to both the cake and to the frosting.  I don't know that I would personally love this cake without the frosting; with only a dusting of confectioners' sugar instead.  Oh, one more change.  I did not have unsweetened chocolate in the house and I was not in the mood to brave the rain, so I used a wonderful bar of 72% chocolate in my frosting and I must say that it was perfect.  I never mind a little extra sweet in my frosting.

Hope you all enjoyed this dessert.  For sure I'll made this frosting again.  I can envision this cake with lots of whipped cream and needs something moist and fluffy, or maybe a rich cup of cocoa would be a good pairing with a plain version of this cake. 

Looking forward to Superbowl Sunday and Cheesy Focaccia!  "See" you all then.



  1. Kris, you are always so creative! We loved this frosting, too.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Love the heart shape! Looks delicious!

  3. So adorable! I love the decorations too. Very Valentine's day.

  4. What a beautiful heart shaped cake! Looks wonderful. And I love that you make little cakes for the little ones. Must make them feel so special! :o)

  5. Man, your frosting texture is so beautiful and creamy! And cute little individual cakes too!

  6. Nice job! This would make a great valentines treat!

  7. This cake with hot cocoa... I may be doing that tomorrow. Yours looks great!

  8. Beautiful Kris! Did they have to wait until Sunday night to dig in??? Isn't it fun to make individual cakes for the little people?? I know they really enjoy that;-)

  9. Krissy, this "Sunday Night Cake" looks so delicious with all that lovely chocolate frosting and the cute little red hearts. It is wonderful that you baked three "individual cakes" for the little ones - I know that kids love to have their own "individual portions" and yes, it does make them feel extra special. What a nice touch! I adore miniature/small cake pans of all shapes and sizes, those are the first ones I will always go for in a kitchen supply store and I have collected quite a few by now. So getting served a little cake like your Mini Sunday Night Cake would more than make my day!