Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baked Sunday Mornings: Cheesy Focaccia


 I know, I'm late, it's not Sunday morning any more, but is Sunday going-to-bed-time.  Sorry.  I decided to use this Baked project for our Superbowl fabulous food table this evening.  It was a hit.  We had a huge houseful of all ages and this was totally enjoyed.  

Since I waited until today  (I usually bake on Wednesdays when I have Honey and take an office work break...we love to bake together.) I'm behind on getting this post up.  I woke early, mixed up the dough and let it rise, then I put it into the fridge.  Every thing went well to that point.  When I returned home I took the chilled dough out of the fridge and thought it would take about an hour to warm up and get bubbly and oven ready.  Well, I was wrong.  It all worked out OK, but we're having a cloudy, sprinkley,  cold day and the house is a bit cold.  I did not want to turn on heat as I knew that we'd soon have lots of bodies in the house to warm it up.  Anyway, it took 4 1/2 long hours before I could begin baking.  Glad we did not plan to eat until Superbowl time.  It all worked out, but glad I was not in a hurry.  

My camera makes the crust look quite truly was better browned.  This bread is light and airy, yet a little crusty...and the toppings were really tasty.  I went with this recipe as written except for the fridge time.  This is a keeper.

A note for those of you in the TWD group:
With a big crowd here I made 3 times the recipe...well two times this one and then I also made the TWD Focaccia which I'll post later.  I will just say that both recipes  are similar are delicious.  I like this recipe better if thinking of a sandwich use.  It puffed up better and is lighter.  I did use all bread flour in the TWD recipe to see what that would do.  Possibly that is why it did not puff up quite as much, although the quantities for the same ingredients are a little different proportions and that could be the difference.  I like the TWD recipe better when I want a more chewy bread.  

All my breads disappeared and all were totally enjoyed.  (I made the TWD dough yesterday so it could have a longer fridge time...supposedly this would enhance flavors, etc.  I did not notice a big difference.)

I'm ready to try this recipe again and without the chilling time.  It was all going so well and I think the whole process would have been easier...I must say that after 3 hours I was starting to worry about whether this bread would make it to our dinner today.

And I did get to bake with Honey.  Honey, her mom, and I all went to a baby shower yesterday.  I 'stole" Honey who spent the night and we did get to have our baking day together after all.

I looked quickly through your posts...they are wonderful...everyone did a great job and this recipe seems to be an all around hit.  "See" you all soon!


  1. I am sure they were all wonderful. I only did ~1/3 of the fridge time on the TWD focaccia and didn't notice any suffering (I probably just had a few less bubbles). I also changed up some of the steps at the end and baked it in a 9x13 baking pan that had been drizzled with olive oil. Yum.
    Now,on to that beautiful baking buddy of yours! I have to believe that anything that you make when she is around has been kissed by an angel :-)

  2. Wasn't this just amazing?!? I loved it and it was worth all the "fussiness." Your Honey is one lucky girl - growing up to be a stellar baker. And she is just darling!

    Focaccia is a northern Italian bread - from the Genova (Christopher Columbus) area, but it's delicious no matter where you have it!

  3. I had a slight mishap on mine, too... I left it by the fireplace to rise while I went for a jog and to buy groceries and when I came back the side by the fire was baked! So I had to start over. But very worth it; I loved the prominence of the olive oil in mine. Yours looks like wonderful, cheesy goodness! :)