Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baked Sunday Mornings: Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Bundino

Good Morning!
I'm in a huge hurry, but want to post my experience.

I'm a fan of pudding; can't think of one I don't enjoy.  Pudding is the ultimate comfort food.  At this time of year I choose pudding over ice cream...and flavors for pudding are almost as plentiful as those for ice cream.

Honestly, I did not love this milk chocolate variety, would have preferred a dark chocolate which would work just as well with this Baked recipe.  With all the milk, eggs, and cream which diluted the chocolate flavor, I needed more richness to my chocolate.

I've been out of state for the past several days, stopped at a cherry orchard on my way home, (I know, it's not cherry season, but the fruit stand keeps frozen cherries and concentrated cherry juice available all year long.)  Instead of vanilla, I thought I'd be smart and make cherry pudding...not a great idea.  There's a reason cherry pudding is not popular.  But cherry and chocolate go well together in my book.  It was not bad, just not what I expected.

I had doubled the recipe, so after putting together several pretty layered desserts for dinner, I melted dark chocolate, combined this chocolate with the leftover puddings and now I have a great chocolate pudding with just a hint of dark cherry flavor.  Yum!

I must say that this is, in general, a wonderful pudding recipe.  It is simple, silky, and can accommodate individual tastes.  I will make this again, but with my personal preferences in mind.

See you all in's almost Spring...YEA!


  1. With a cherry on top! :) Looks great! And I think dark chocolate would be fantastic. I like milk chocolate, but dark chocolate is my fav.

  2. I love how you always add your own touch to our recipes, Kris! I'm sure everyone enjoyed these.

  3. I wish I would have gone for dark chocolate on this one too. I guess my weird "thing" with pudding and custards is they can taste too eggy, and this one was that way for me. But maybe with more vanilla and/or chocolate flavor, I could get away from that. :)

  4. These just look simply beautiful, Kris! I agree…I would choose deep dark chocolate anytime over milk chocolate!

  5. I actually did dark chocolate on this one and loved the result, it came out like a rich mousse. I am a huge fan of the chocolate cherry combo, it sounds like a great idea. Sorry yours didn't turn out quite how you were expecting. Yours looks so pretty with the cherry on top.