Friday, February 8, 2013

French Fridays with Dorie: Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin

I'm a bit late.  I try to get my posts up in the morning, but today the morning was crazy...its that time of year.  No sleep and piles of papers everywhere.  I'm adding numbers in my daydreams.  And this week has been a week of just happens sometimes, and this is one of those times.  But I can't skip out on a recipe with fresh backyard trees are calling.  

We just ate this Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin salad a few minutes ago.  Hubby and Son #2 enjoyed this recipe with me and both licked their plates clean, well almost.

Its a lovely day in AZ and garden time is precious.  The heat will be here soon and gardens will die, not from frost as happens in most of the country, but from frying.  The oranges and veges are all from my yard.  I baked flatbread yesterday while adding the pork tenderloin to a ziplock bag filled with herbs and spices and orange juice/zest as a marinade.  

For my salad I used a simple mix of  fresh greens, red onion, and cilantro.  I sectioned oranges (not navels, which are not a good cooking orange--drier and meatier and become a little bitter when cooked-- but  lovely, sweet, juicy eating oranges which are practically seedless), very lightly sprinkled on a  vinaigrette made from oilive oil, cider vinegar, and orange juice,  tossed on  feta cheese  and fresh zest.

The meat was lightly browned in a little butter-oil mixture with  orange zest and juice and a little salt and pepper.  The marinade clung to the outside edges of the meat, adding extra goodness and color to this dish.

This salad fits into my schedule during this busy time as it took only 10 minutes yesterday and then 20 minutes more today total prep time.  For my salad I did not keep the sauce, but the flavor it created for the meat was delicious.

I chose not to serve with potatoes, etc...a heartier meal for those of you having blizzard conditions today, but went lighter and used what I have.

#2 son took his salad bowl ingredients and made a sandwich using the bread which he split...looked great.

Hubby had just come in from mowing the lawn and was in the mood for a healthy, tasty meal, and he was pleased with our dinner.

For sure I'm make this again.  My inspiration is from our Dorie assignment today and done my way.



  1. Krissi, th eoranges and the vegetables that you used for your dinner are all from your garden how ownderful, I cannot even inagine having an orange tree in the backyard. I really like the changes you made to this recipe, you used the recipe like a wonderful inspiration and the salad with the feta, orange segments and red onions looks like a perfect side to the delicious Pork Tenderloin.
    Hope the weekend will be a bit more calm - have a wonderful time visiting your mother and all the best for her on her 85. birthday!

  2. So glad your family enjoyed this one, Kris! Looks like one delicious plate!

  3. Wow - as I look at my very white backyard, I can't even fathom picking any garden produce out of it this time of year. (If I had a green thumb, that is...) And you know I have citrus envy :-)
    Your meal looks great and I am sure it was well enjoyed.
    Now...if you could send some of your warm weather my way that would be lovely. I'll even just take 30 degrees of it so that we can get above freezing. Please?

  4. Kris, Your version looks delectable! I love that you marinated the pork…it looks perfect! I will be posting this one next week while I’m in Fl. We've decided to runaway from the cold and snow and head south! However, it’s pretty cold even in Atlanta this week. Mornings have been in the 30’s! Daytime temps have been in the 60’s though, and that’s down right balmy to me!!
    Reading your post has made me long for warmer, sunnier days! How nice to be getting your veggies and fruit from your own back yard!

  5. Your meal looks beautiful, Kris, and I really enjoyed reading about your preparation and can picture you in your garden picking your oranges. It's a lovely image this time of year. I'm so glad that you also enjoyed this recipe. Have a great weekend!

  6. Who would ever grumble about that meal. It looks beautiful and I know it was delicious. I like your plastic bag/marinating technique. Quick, easy, nothing to wash and obviously, tasty. Any salad with Feta works for me and I bet that paired well with the pork. Don't you think it's special when you can just pluck that fruit off your trees or pick the lettuce from your garden. I do feel your pain about the heat and what it does to crops and fruit-bearing trees. The scarcity of water doesn't help either. Yep, Krissy, I think you need to stay put - it's too hard to sort through and choose what to discard. I want to keep everything. And, I didn't make the decision about returning to cold weather lightly. It's been months and months of processing since Michael died in June. But, it's definitely the right decision for me. I think. I think. I don't have 4-wheel drive so to get here safely, I put on Blistex snow tires. Don't ask how much that cost. But, those Utah passes can be nasty. I was fortunate with clear roads all the way and just got in before our storm. Take care during this especially busy work time.

  7. I like how you made this your own! And, I'm so jealous about your backyard orange trees. How special! I hope you have a agreat weekend.

  8. Love the salad with the pork! I'm surprised at how dull your pork looks though, even with the sauce! Ahh well, it still looks tasty! :)

  9. LOL - I think everyone's presentation was better than mine. I like uour recipe tweaks - I would love this for dinner.

  10. For me, much better as a salad the next day. I'd almost make it again just to have as salad food for lunches during the week.

  11. MMM I want some of this. Looks delicious and healthy.

  12. Oh Kris- you always put out such a gorgeous plate, even when you are so busy. You are a true inspiration and your family is so lucky to have you and your talents (and your ability to balance it all !) It is nuts here too, hence the commenting late on a Thursday - but I did want to tell you your meal looked fab :)