Saturday, December 15, 2012

Baked Sunday Mornings: Soft Candy Caramels


Tis the season for butter and sugar and more butter and sugar.  And all of it creates a jolly joy at my house.  As I make the caramels and type up this post I am interrupted often by the ringing doorbell signaling happy neighbors and friends bringing more sugar and butter for us to try...and so far, it’s all good! 

I made a triple batch of today’s Soft Candy Caramels which have been one of the dreamed about candies for my treat platters.  They did not disappoint!

The texture, consistency, and flavor are all really good, and with a dipping of chocolate and a sprinkling of snowflake like fleur de sel they are even better!!!
I do have two comments for “fixes” I need to make.  First of all, next time I’ll try all cream and no condensed milk...I can taste that canned milk in my final product, and I prefer only cream.  I don’t know if there is a reason for the canned milk...I’ll have to do a search; possibly the extra sugar is needed.  And, Second, I was expecting more flavor from the fleur de sel which is pricy and special so I want to experience it.  This special salt disappeared in this candy.  I was expecting something like the trendy salted caramel flavor.  So I fixed these issues with a chocolate dip and more salt as a garnish.  Perfection. 

These caramels dip well...I’m not a great chocolatier or dipper...but once set and packaged in little candy papers, these caramels look wonderful.

Well, I have to say Merry Christmas and good-bye for now...the bell is ringing again.  Enjoy!


  1. Wow, Kris! I'm so impressed that you dipped these in chocolate. I used Snowflake salt, too, but just sprinkled it on half of the pan of caramels. I'm not a big fan of sweetened condensed milk, either, but thought that the vanilla really shone through.

  2. Beautiful work, Kris! I wish I could reach into my computer and grab one - they look delectable! Nice job!

  3. Love your chocolate dipped caramels. And the fleur de sel on top is beautiful. What a fabulous idea. Great job!! I am so dipping in chocolate next time. Thanks for sharing that idea.

  4. Thumbs up for the chocolate dip! Gorgeous.

    I'm guessing the condensed milk is for the added sugar, but I think the recipe is forgiving enough to change things up.

  5. OMG! They look amazing with the chocolate coating!

  6. Yours look amazing, that chocolate coating is a great idea!

  7. Who doesn't love chocolate - sheesh - what a great idea - they look heavenly!